"Corinne has been my friend for decades.  Before she stepped out of the corporate world where she was a wizard there too, she helped me with many projects. I’m proud to brag that I’m one of the first to applaud her for being a natural for this kind of organizing work and urging her to set up shop.  Her name has become both a noun and a verb in my life – I frequently say “I need a Corinne right now” or “How do I Corinne that?”.

On a recent visit to Vancouver, I entreated Corinne to give me some help organizing our family storage lockers after a recent house fire and move.  Although I am known as quite an organized person myself, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Her endless energy and positive attitude were invaluable. The improvements were essential in enabling my family to easily review and determine their items to keep or let-go.  Anyone who gets a bit of Corinne, gets gold.

  • NC (organization of storage lockers)

"After my Mom passed, I had the difficult task of sorting and clearing a lifetime of belongings and treasures, from my Moms' condo.  When I realized I couldn't do it alone, I decided to hire a Professional Organizer.

Corinne Kewin is an extremely organized and compassionate person, who has the ability to assess your stress level and instill calm. Therefore, it was an obvious choice to hire Corinne, for this enormous emotional task ahead.  Corinne not only efficiently, and swiftly got the job done, arriving punctually armed with the tools of her trade but she also recommended and helped implement the use of various auction and charity sources. 

I couldn't have been happier and more relieved when the job was totally organized and complete.   When the going gets tough, Corinne gets going, with a few hugs thrown in, if you need them!"

  • TT (preparation for estate content sale)

"When my husband and I moved to a seniors’ residence, we engaged Corinne Kewin to manage the preparation of our condo for sale.  We had lived there for 24 years, so there was a lot to do.  After an initial meeting between the real estate agent, the stager, Corinne and ourselves, Corinne handled all the various aspects of the job.  She engaged and supervised tradesmen who came in to repair, paint and clean the apartment.  She sold or otherwise disposed of furniture that we no longer needed.  She worked to schedule, and provided timely information to us.

Corinne is very organized, supportive and focused.  She has developed broad knowledge about resources in the community.  We would hire her again."

  • EC (preparation of condo for sale)

"Corinne assisted my husband and me with a small storage room that keeps bursting at the seams as well as my business cupboards and our laundry room. Her energy, focus and attention to detail is inspiring. She keeps things moving and intuitively knows when to switch gears or tasks to keep everyone’s energy up for the job at hand. Sorting through one’s ‘stuff’ can be draining but Corinne guides with great care and compassion. She knew what bins to purchase for optimal organization and always had great suggestions on where to put what. All corners were relinquished of unnecessary accumulation - yay! The experience was satisfying at many levels!"

  • MR (organization of storage room, laundry room and business cupboards)

"I met Corinne several years ago and was impressed from the start. Corinne struck me as warm, friendly, energized and highly capable. Since my initial meeting, my assessment has proved accurate. I continue to be impressed with how quickly Corinne is building her Professional Organizing business. I believe this is in part to the above, but also due to her clarity and focus on how she wants to help clients get organized, her contagious enthusiasm with colleagues and clients, her understanding of individual needs and creative solutions for the situation, and her values driven high standards of professionalism. If I was downsizing, moving, selling my home, or in disorder, I would hire Corinne in a heartbeat."

  • Elinor Warkentin (POC Gold Leaf Member / Owner, Goodbye Clutter!, Vancouver)